Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blak Rayne Blog: Boarding-DD Symms #adult #fiction #erotic #books

Blak Rayne has a beautiful site that's worth stopping by and looking. She writes a lot in Male-Male romance and erotica.

She was kind enough to host me and I appreciate the chance for an interview on my erotic novel Boarding. There's an excerpt here from Chapter 1 and some fun questions.

Blak Rayne Blog: Boarding-DD Symms #adult #fiction #erotic #books: What genre do your currently write? And, is there a genre you'd like to write, but haven't tried yet? My...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Julie's Book Review: Interview with DD Symms

I'm pleased to have an interview today on Julie's Book Review. She's got a terrific site for authors and does a wonderful job interviewing and giving space to so many talented writers with great stories to share.

Click the link here for her interview with me on my novel Boarding:

Julie's Book Review: Interview with DD Symms

Hope you enjoy it. I'm giving away two copies of Boarding so make sure you stop in and comment!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

2 Men Romance and Sharing Other Fantasies #MySexySaturday @MySexySaturday

Dare you share fantasies with your lover? Saying what's on our mind could be a form of embarrassment or could lead to erotic joy.
Create a pleasant atmosphere and an encouraging one for both of you to speak up.
On this installment of #MySexySaturday there is an excerpt from the novel Boarding where Jessie is caught in an awkward but sensual moment with two men—one she knows really well.
Could this installment spark discussion with you and the one you love? Sharing fantasies is not always easy to do but intimacy comes from letting someone look into the deeper recesses of our minds.
And after the excerpt, there is a giveaway. Shoot an email to me and you'll get three chapters of Boarding for free.
Armand turned her face to him and kissed her with his lips brushing hers. He lingered close like he was gauging the body of a premium wine and settled with a smile that signaled satisfaction and confidence.
Jessie’s nipples tightened and she was ready to begin a conversation with the men when Callan trumped Armand with his own view of quality.

“Quality is found in lasting value. It’s not always a product created. Value can be offered through a service provided.” He moved close to Jessie, placed his fingers on her chin, and turned her lips to his and kissed her with his mouth moving in a circular motion. He kissed slowly making each second seem like it would last forever. He covered her mouth completely and was thorough in his show of affection.
He finished and Jessie looked straight ahead, fumbling for words to direct a conversation, but Armand was not finished proving his thesis.

“Quality is all-encompassing.” He nuzzled Jessie’s ear and ran the tip of his index finger under her chin and slowly down her neck, tickling her and making her skin sensitive to each touch. He stopped where he wrap covered above her breasts. She leaned back and closed her eyes. Her legs parted as a reflex to the arousal.
Callan placed his hand on her left breast. “Value is memorable and leaves you wanting more.” He touched his mouth to her mound and Jessie arched her back. She sat forward as though an eruption of desire shook her and she removed the wrap. Armand took the initiative to loosen her bikini bra and Callan placed fingers in the waistband of her briefs and slid them over her hips and down her legs. She kicked them off and was now naked with both men caressing and kissing her.

Armand worked her right side, flicking his tongue along her ear lobe and placing two fingers alongside her nipple and giving light pinches. Callan stroked her hair on her left and massaged her tummy before moving his hand lower to her waist and applying pressure on her mons.

GIVEAWAY 3 Chapters of Boarding

My current completed work Boarding shows Jessie with Callan in a different light. I’ll send the first 3 chapters free to any one who emails me at
Write “Boarding Chapters” in the subject line.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Samantha Holt: Breathless Press Fourth Anniversary: Interview wit...

Erotic and sensual stories come in all varieties. I'm interviewed by Samantha Holt, an author who loves the romance and sensuality of earlier times.

I go into depth on my novel Boarding. Stop by, comment, and you'll have a chance to win a Kindle Fire and some gift cards to my publisher Breathless Press.

Click the link below.

Samantha Holt: Breathless Press Fourth Anniversary: Interview wit...: Please welcome author DD Syms as we celebrate Breathless Press' Fourth Anniversary. Be sure to enter the rafflecopter below to be in ...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Erotic Joy of a Kiss and a Kiss in Film History

The Kiss ... moist lips brushing create sparks to ignite heavy breathing and open the gates of passion, leading to arousal flowing through our bodies.

The tongue parts the lips and sensual moans escape on the breaths and the sounds of touching clothes fills the air. Passionate vibrations rise and thinking becomes clouded as lust has its way.

The freedom now blossoms -- freedom to unbutton a shirt or blouse, unsnap jeans, and unveil one's body and lie back to absorb the heated eroticism.

Mmm, so much from one caring kiss

To illustrate my thoughts today, I added this moment from Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock´s film "Notorious."Amazing, isn't it, how a filmmaker like Hitchcock would care about kissing. He was aware, though, of the human need for affection.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Enjoy Sweet and Sensual Erotic Stories

Here's an idea to create some erotic fun with novels or short stories. This is the weekly #MySexySaturday list of authors and the readers who discover them.

You and the one you love each choose an author, read, and swap stories. There's quite a list of accomplished authors and new ones deserving an audience. Take your time in reading and sitting by each other. Don't rush.

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Me Lucky ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #M...: Welcome to the 13th week of My Sexy Saturday and we love lucky 13. We’re going strong and each week more readers see our weekly blog,...

Men, you might find that treating your wife to a sexy read opens the imagination and makes her more open to erotic suggestions. Reading can stimulate the mind in a deeper way than a sexy video.

Btw, I'm a regular contributor to the list. Follow me on Twitter @DD_Symms or and Like my author page.

Here's the list of this week's authors with something sexy to say.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Creating Eroticism with Fashion

Lingerie certainly sets an erotic mood but consider using other fashions to build erotic joy and anticipation.
Vince Camuto Collection at Macy's: photo by DD Symms
Imagine a wife or girlfriend wearing this silky blue top and letting it drape from the shoulders and when your lover walks in the front door or comes in from the yard he sees this and perhaps only a pair of panties or a thong underneath.
Women can search closets for sensual tops hanging on the racks to wear.
Another idea is wearing this with jeans underneath and when he's eating to slowly undress from the jeans and reveal a shapely ass.
Fashion of all types can be sexy and erotic. The clothes are not always the limit as much as the attitude. Wear an outfit that gives you confidence.
Men, if your wife or girlfriend wears something sexy for you be sure to compliment her profusely and provide a secure environment so she'll feel beautiful and comfortable to do it again.
I thought this excerpt from my novel Boarding fit in to this post:

Women in heels wore a range of fashion from evening gowns to jeans that accentuated round hips and shapely asses. A lady with light brown hair and golden highlights took a seat in a chair similar to the one where Jessie sat. She had pleasant eyes and a quiet demeanor. Her blouse wrapped elegantly around what seemed to be smaller breasts.

A man who had dark hair with hints of gray at the temples approached her and offered his hand. She accepted it and stood. He kissed her on the cheek and the couple walked away arm in arm, bathed in simplicity and charm like an image in a vintage fashion magazine.

DD Symms is the author of Boarding and other sexy stories.

Find DD Symms books on Amazon    All Romance Ebooks   Breathless Press   Bookstrand

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Erotic Appeal of FemDom and My Sexy Saturday excerpt from Dakota Trace

My Sexy Saturday is a blog listing talented authors who share something sexy each week. On the blog for Dakota Trace, she shares an excerpt from a FemDom story.

FemDom does have appeal for many men and couples can read a femdom story as a way of getting ideas to explore. Lest I digress more, here is the excerpt.

Click here to visit Dakota's blog and read the full excerpt:

Partial Excerpt

Edging the door open, she gazed into the sitting room of the suite. As she expected, her date had arrived and was kicking off his shoes. Displeasure flowed through her, despite the revealing of his dark body in exercise shorts when he stripped off his t-shirt.

His abs were well-defined and he had just a smattering of tight curls below his navel. Her attention was drawn away from his washboard stomach, when he struggled into the basic leisha position she’d requested.

Parting his thighs, the material stretched tight over his upper legs and groin, cupping and accenting his cock and balls. Her breath caught in her throat. But when he gave a muffled grunt as he crossed his arms behind his back, she shook her head.

The over-anxious fool was going to screw around and hurt himself. Sighing, she entered the room, shutting the door behind her. The loud click had the man’s head swinging up in her direction. Thankfully, due to the lone lamp on the far side of the room, she was standing in the shadows, because nothing in her life as a Domme had prepared her for the sight of Wyk Havas, his body half exposed to her gaze as he knelt before her.

Here's a full list of My Sexy Saturday authors:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Chance to Win a Kindle Fire and Chatting with DD Symms

Welcome and come learn a bit about me and have a chance to win some fun gift cards and a Kindle Fire. I'm at the library today!

Straight from the Library: STRAIGHT CHATTING WITH THE LIBRARY: DD SYMMS: The Library is excited to be part of Breathless Press's 4th Anniversary celebration. Author DD Symms is here to talk books with us.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Erotic Beauty of Kissing Slowly

In the soft light of a room, there is an undeniable thrill with a finger under the chin, pulling one another closer, and exploring the sounds and sensations of lips touching and the pressure of moving closer together and two mouths connecting as one.
Pause and savor the kiss, close your eyes, and touch your noses together and consider the kiss you just experienced. Now do it again, slowly. Touch lips to each other and do not force. Patience builds the heat and steam.
Listen to the breath and the rhythm.
Now the tongue join in and touch and let the tongues wrestle and use the tip of your tongue to explore your lovers lips and teeth.
A kiss lowers inhibitions ... sparks the thoughts that fuel the fantasy and bring out the passionate sexuality.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Erotic thoughts

Why is it that what you're not "supposed" to have has a tantalizing effect, causing you to seek it out, nibble, and enjoy the taste?
Is that why stolen kisses are sweet or the desired touches that are never brought up in polite conversation, even with the couple holding hands and chatting politely in a crowd and knowing what they'd rather be doing?
The erotic is like droplets of water, weakening the sides of a stream bed, carrying away tiny portions until a larger section washes in and eventually the stream becomes wider and the water moves more swiftly.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Erotic Stories and Romance Novels Ignite Erotic Joy

Reading romance or erotic romance can heighten the erotic experience for couples.
Visit DD Symms on Breathless
Enjoying a story together and chatting about the characters and plot can be more rewarding than watching erotic movies since reading engages more of the imagination at a deeper level.
If reading together is awkward then choose books separately and talk about them as you cuddle.
During August, get spicy titles at 40% off the retail price from Breathless Press as the publisher celebrates its 4th anniversary.
A wide variety of stories are available from my erotic romance novel Boarding to male-male and historical romance.
Boarding is only $ 3.59 during August.The story follows the career and erotic adventures of Jessie Carter, fashion designer.
Breathless Press rewards readers throughout the year by offering a point system applied t the purchase of books.
Click here to visit DD Symms' page on Breathless Press.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Creating Erotic Joy with Homemade Lingerie

Make your own lingerie for erotic joy and fun on a budget. Men's dress shirts bought from a second hand store or even T-shirts can be decorated with lace and ribbons to create a feminine appeal to stir desire.
You may not want all of your lingerie to be homemade but a few pieces can complete an ensemble quite nicely.
This excerpt from my novel Boarding may stimulate ideas. In this scene, Jessie Carter is in a hotel room visiting New York and does a webcam session with her boyfriend. She decides to "dress up" into lingerie she made.
Yes, she's a fashion designer but you can follow her lead:
In a drawer was original lingerie she designed using a man’s
white tank top, cut to expose her abs, and a silk tie with red and
black stripes sewn strategically in the middle to enhance her

Red ribbons were sewn in two rows, one under each
area where her breasts would touch and she sewed a line of red
silk at the hem to give the appearance of a border and contrast to
her peach-tone flesh.

It was a gift and a surprise for Raymond for
the next time she was with him, but Jessie was too excited to wait.

“Okay, ready.” She wiggled to get as comfy as possible.

“Me, too.”

The web cam had come in handy at least twice before in LA
when he had worked late, once when she coordinated wardrobe
on a film set, and another time when she had worked until closing
in her part-time clerk position at Nordstrom’s.

They were too tired to see each other but the technology bridged the inconvenience.

Boarding is available from:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Destiny Blaine Romance Author: Spotlight on Author DD Symms and Boarding

Sex toys are fun and can be a great source of erotic joy, unless communication breaks down between lovers.

I visited with author Destiny Blaine on her blog and focused on a scene in my novel Boarding where Jessie does a web cam session with her boyfriend Raymond. He's much more of a dollar and cents man than she is and pursuit of his business goals means he has lost some of the romance.

Click on the link to read an excerpt that gets hotter and more sensual
until Jessie and Raymond encounter a key element.

Destiny Blaine Romance Author: Spotlight on Author DD Symms and Boarding: My guest today is author DD Symms . DD stopped by to tell us about Boarding, Book One in The Jessie Carter Fashion Series.


If you'd like to read the first 3 chapters of Boarding, simply drop me an email and I will send you a .pdf version.

Put "Boarding sample" in the subject line and email me at

KMN Books: Discovering the Character @DD_Symms @KMNbooks @breathlesspress

Creating sexy characters is fun and a large part of the joy of being an author and having the chance to place characters in erotic situations is even more fun and challenging.

Fashion designer Jessie Carter has gigs with a lingerie company but she wants to do more. I first wrote about her in my short story Layover where she got involved in a BDSM tryst during a stop in Chicago. What happened prior to that layover? In the story she was on a fashion shoot in New York.

Click on the link and read about it on KMN books. I'm hosted by the lovely Karen Michelle Nutt.

KMN Books: Discovering the Character @DD_Symms @KMNbooks @breathlesspress

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fun with Lingerie in Boarding - All Romance Ebooks

My erotic novel from Breathless Press is available on All Romance Ebooks. Click the link below for a full synopsis:

Boarding - All Romance Ebooks

Stay tuned here on Eros Joy for giveaways in the coming weeks. Jessie Carter is a young fashion designer who gets the chance to design for a renowned model she admires.

She currently gets gigs designing lingerie.  And here's an erotic tip:
One scene, her boyfriend is in another city and she dresses up in a sexy T-shirt she altered like a nightie with silk ribbons. She and he use a web cam to share ... except the ending gets a little awkward.

Jessie purchased a crystal dildo on a trip to London and her boyfriend asks how much she paid for it. Ugh, some guys! Well, that could be gals, too.

Check out Boarding.

If you'd like to sample the first 3 chapters, email me at and I will send them in a .pdf format.


DD Symms

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life's Greatest Pleasures on Sultry Saturday with DD Symms

We can use sex to join together with someone we love or use sex as a way of making a statement.

This is an excerpt from my sexy novel Boarding, about a young fashion designer who has a boyfriend getting in the way of her dreams and career. Click the title to visit my interview on Four Seduced Muses.

Life's Greatest Pleasures on Sultry Saturday with DD Symms

Friday, May 3, 2013

Erotic Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes

Excellent behind the scenes look at a Glam Fashion and Erotic Photo Shoot.

This is on Vimeo. I'll check to see if he has his shots on YouTube as well. But simply walking down a staircase and posing. Nothing complicated. The most erotic moments can be quite simple. Enjoying eroticism with the one you love doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eroticism is in the details

I'll be writing a few posts in a row on how eroticism is found in details. That's why emphasis on "going slow" is important when it comes to kissing, fondling, or simply looking into the eyes of your lover.

We live in a super charged society where music is fast, food is tossed at us, and mountains of work are expected to be climbed and completed. But when it comes to erotic joy fast is too fast.

Check out this lap dance video. It's PG-rated really. Notice the moves - of course you can't miss them. But ask yourself, "what makes this sexy?" Slow, deliberate moves and control of the body.

It's really quite a demonstration in eroticism and athleticism.

Slow is power when it comes to the erotic.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Romantic, erotic blog hop April 19 - 21

If you like touring authors both romantic and romantic erotic then jump on over to the DD Symms website and join the Just Romance me blog hop.

Click here to read an excerpt from the story Getaway and then join the hop and you might find authors you'll find thrilling and fun.

Cuddling with a story can be a great way to tantalize the one you love and bring a little erotic joy to the theater of the mind.

The blog hop is active for 2 days and there's a chance to win prizes, including a $75 gift card!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sensual Touch - Short Story - Flash Fiction Erotica

     Elise grabbed a glass of water, tossed it down, and the to-do list was swirling and dominating her thoughts. Hurry. Everywhere. All the time. She gripped the kitchen counter and the yellow skin of a banana shone in the early afternoon sun. She took and placed the warmth of the peel against her cheek and flicked her tongue against it.

     The stem was strong but she bent it back and placed the meat of the banana against her lips, simply holding it in one place and choosing to not rush.

     Giggling, she touched the fruit to her neck and ran it along her throat. Why not? She unbuttoned her blouse, undid her bra and touched the banana to her breasts, caressing them and pressing the tip against her nipples.

     A surge of arousal built inside her thighs and she then took a bite, savoring the taste and texture moving on her tongue and sliding down her throat. Suddenly, the to-do list released her grip and she relaxed and smiled with an idea she could share with her husband.

Touch – Opening the Door to Pleasurable Awareness

Our skin is the largest sex organ we have, teeming with nerve endings and ready to react to all kinds of sensation and that means discovering sensual touches can open the doors to deeper arousal.

Heighten sensual awareness through touch. If you're married or dating, invite your partner to participate.
Before touching each other, simply explore everyday objects through touch. Feel a hard object like a cutting board. Run fingers along the surface and describe the first sensation that comes to mind. Is the board hard plastic or is it wooden.

If you have both kinds in your house then seek the difference between each.
Try a piece of soft fruit. Do this while lying in bed with each other. Grasp a peach or banana. Touch the peel. Kiss it. Run your lips along the surface. Then touch the part of the fruit you would eat. Hold it to your lips, your breasts, or the insides of your thighs.
Do you notice a difference in the sensations?
If you're doing this with a partner does this stimulate you and arouse you? Or is it simply fun and
perhaps even funny? It's okay to giggle and have fun.
After all, that's part of experiencing erotic joy.

photo credits: woman's legs