Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Romantic places in Los Angeles: the LA Arboretum

A romantic place in Los Angeles is the LA County Arboretum which is actually in the city of Arcadia.

We took a walk in the Arboretum this afternoon under partly cloudy skies with cool breezes – the kind of temperature and environment which I find particularly conducive to romance and romantic thought.
The Arboretum has open expanses with nicely framed views of the San Gabriel Mountains in the background. There are plenty of paths through wooded spots where lovers of any age can wander through trees and have a feeling of seclusion.
There is a large pond with trails around it that have thick trees and bamboo shooting high. But today, we found something a bit different. In the Korean garden, there is a waterfall with steps leading up to a knoll and on top there is a large flat area with beautiful views of the mountains and the gardens below.
We climbed the several dozen steps and strolled down the winding road bringing us around the back side of the hill and to the grounds below.
There are plenty of nice places to hug, kiss, and simply be quiet. During the weekdays, it’s a wonderful time to catch an hour or two since visitors are fewer and the Arboretum is large enough to allow private conversations.
For those who live in the area, having an annual pass to the LA Arboretum is definitely worth the price. The grounds are a romantic inspiration.

Monday, February 22, 2010

5 ways to start an erotic talk

Erotic joy – including having an erotic talk about your fantasies and desires – includes laying an emotionally beautiful foundation with the one who shares your body.
Here are 5 things you can tell that special someone today:
Lovely eyes – notice how lovely his or her eyes are. Tell them how you enjoy when they look longingly at you.
Lips – tell them how much you enjoy their lips brushing against your lips and how you enjoy the warmth of their kisses
Thoughts – tell them how special it makes you feel when you can share your most intimate thoughts and desires without the fear of being judged.
Positive comparisons – write a brief note to compare their traits to something positive and romantic like a rose. “You make me feel vibrant like a blooming rose and your embrace nourishes me.”
Touch – tell them how much you appreciate their simple, everyday touches.
Intimacy builds in the details – the moments -- that are shared. As they’re communicated, a foundation can be laid for sharing more fantasies and desires.
During the middle of busy moments, find the time to whisper one of these comments to your spouse, partner, lover. While drastic changes won’t occur immediately, make it a practice and over time inhibitions may lower and overall intimacy can improve.

Image "Summer Rose" from http://www.sxc.hu/profile/daniel437

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

7 Tips for Romancing Your Spouse

Developing intimacy with your spouse requires a commitment to romancing your spouse as well.

Romance, intimacy and sexual erotic joy are a mystery in some ways but they can, and should, be incorporated into our daily lives. After all, why compartmentalize ourselves? Instead, live as a whole person. 

Here are tips to romance your spouse, partner, every day:

1) Touch. Find ways to touch lightly, frequently. Let fingers touch against a hip, an arm, or a hand.

2) Stop for a six-second hug. Don't be afraid if one spouse is upset, disappointed or feels like nothing good is happening in life. That's even more reason to give a hug.

3) Read a poem out loud in bed on a weeknight.

4) Buy a flower, one flower, and give it with a note saying "thanks for your love. I was thinking about you."

5) Place a heart in a lunch bag, briefcase or on the dashboard of the car.

6) Offer to do a chore around the house the other one normally does 

Romancing your spouse and your partner is important even in times of career downturns, financial stress, or family upheavel. 

Create the moments for erotic joy and romance -- don't wait for them to somehow magically occur. That's the test of a strong relationship and helps fantasy mesh a bit more closely with reality.

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Human sexuality in its many forms and facets is covered on this site that I came across. I can recommend it since it's deep with some great information.

Creative Erotic Art of Male and Female Sexuality: Evolution, Education, Health, Oral Sex, Positions, Masturbation, Pornography, Laws: "http://sexuality.spaceandmotion.com/"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Romancing Your Spouse with a Lap Dance

Put some erotic joy and romance in to your relationship with a lap dance. I came across the idea after seeing an article from a woman, Angel Vee, who listed quite a few songs that would work well for giving a spouse or lover a lap dance:

"On my first Valentine's Day with my husband one of his gifts was a Valentine's day lap dance. Trying to find that perfect song was so hard, due to all the great hits out there. But I ended up choosing a song called 'Darling Nikki" by Prince. This song was a perfect choice for a lap dance. It allowed me to strut my stuff nice and slow and allowed my husband to get in the midst of la la land exactly where I wanted him before the song ended."

Not comfortable with giving a lap dance? Keep it simple. Tell your lover you have something special for him. Have a cd player near by and a chair. When the music starts, you don't even have to do too much moving. 

  • stroke his hair lightly
  • breathe in his ear
  • run your hands on his chest and along his thighs
  • straddle across him
Swivel your hips since men like the shape of a woman's body -- even when you have a few extra pounds or you don't consider yourself a great dancer.
The attitude of seduction is more important than the physical moves.

Photo courtesy of www.editae.com.br