Friday, July 30, 2010

Sensual massage oil for erotic touch and sexual talk

Sensual Massage Oil is one of the best ways to explore your lover's body, reduce inhibitions, and find the serenity to share fantasies.

Sharing fantasies and developing erotic communication is the first step toward a satisfying sexual life and exploring sexual fantasies. But speaking about your desires is challenging. We don't know how the other person listening will respond. Will they think we're spending our time thinking sexually when we should be more concerned about paying bills or improving our career choices - or spending time with the kids?

Take time to light candles, focus on each other, and begin a deeply erotic massage. Warm the oil in the microwave or over a candle. Rub it in your hands and begin at the shoulders before working your way down the back. Take time to focus on each muscle group.

And then raise the issue: say something gentle and leading like "do you know what I've been thinking about lately?"

Pause. Wait for the other person to respond. Be patient. Developing sexual talk and sharing fantasies takes time. Giving your lover a sexual massage is a good way to begin.