Monday, March 1, 2010

Adult pleasure toys from Eros and Isis

Adult pleasure toys are easily found online, but the toys from Eros and Isis are the most unique and decorative toys I've seen

They have an antique look to them but the "sustainable" toys are silicone.

Eros and Isis was launched after a personal shopping trip.
Iesza is the CEO of Eros and Isis, whom I contacted through Twitter after visiting what I felt is the most unique sites of its kind on the Web.
I asked her how she got started and came up with the idea of sustainable adult toys that have a “vintage” or “antique” look to them.
Inspiration for the entire concept of the company came to me during and
shortly after a "shopping trip" for a toy. I had been broken up from a
long term relationship and my girlfriends talked me into finding myself a
plastic boyfriend rather than a rebound relationship.

I perused the higher-end adult shops here in Vancouver to no avail.

Everything on the shelves seemed either goofy, or durogatory. I found
nothing in any of the shops appealing. Nothing "beautiful."

I thought about the industry in general. I thought, If I felt that way and
left empty handed, there must be other women who felt the same.

I thought about what excites me...What turns me on, and strangely I
couldn't shake thoughts of Paris, Art nouveau and ancient porn. I love
that secret, subtle naughtiness inherent in fine art of the past few
In my opinon, the imagination is SO sexy and the fantasy that
these designs can conjure in the mind is much more than any blatant
silicone phallus can allow.

Click here to visit Eros and Isis.
Ah, the imagination is one of the greatest ways to find erotic joy. Lesson learned. Attract your lover through the mind -- and the heart (and erotic desires) -- will follow.