Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Panties and dressing for erotic joy

Panties have an erotic quality that accentuate the beauty of a woman's body. Take time to study how the panties follow the natural curves of the butt and slide gracefully along the thighs and in between the legs.

Dressing erotically in panties and undressing can be done deliberately, moving the fabric over the legs slowly until the clothing is in place. There's no need to wait until it's time for lovemaking to show your partner your erotic skills in putting them on or taking them off.

If it's morning, and your spouse or partner is in bed, stand in front of the bed and a mirror, if there's one in your room, and hold them gracefully. 

Then slowly lift your legs placing them through the openings and pull them slowly up your thighs and begin to wiggle as the fabric touches your bottom. Wait. Don't pull them all the way up. Keep them just below the curve of your butt and run your fingers through your hair and then reach down to finally pull them up over your rear and fit them snugly against your hips.

Taking them off in the evening can be done in the same way. Find a time when it's not necessary to rush. Try it at least once a week -- again, at a time when it's not just time for sexual contact. This is a way to maintain a level of seduction and arousal with a long-time partner.