Monday, October 29, 2012

Take time to kiss

Did you ever really take time to kiss? 

Or perhaps you once did but now with your spouse or lover life is often in the way?

Rekindle the moment when your lips lightly touched, barely sensing each other's flesh and move no further. Linger. Absorb. Sense. 

Sexual heat builds like water in a garden hose when it's constricted. Once the flow is released then it forms and sprays mightily.

Enjoy the kiss and the fullness of the lips in their tender glory. And then after you have appreciated each other's warmth and can no longer stand it then move your lips to the ear and caress the exposed flesh.

Yes, don't think of kissing as the first moment of joining and then moving on to what is really cool and hot! No, consider the kiss as end unto itself and a moment of connection that is itself special.

The naked flesh of the lips is worth taking time to explore a sensual kiss. 

One kiss can lead to erotic bliss.