Thursday, March 24, 2011

Building erotic anticipation

The best sexual experiences begin in the mind and building erotic anticipation heightens the time together – whether it’s brief or whether the time together is a prolonged night of passion.
Building erotic anticipation can be simple to do: a lingering kiss or hug early in the week; a romantic note folded and left in a pocket; a favorite flower left on a pillow.
Make a romantic invitation and give it to your lover.
Sometimes erotic anticipation is more spontaneous and the time element is made compact.
It’s a theme I explored in my erotic short story Layover where a woman chooses to seek eroticism instead of spending a night alone after discovering she can’t make a connecting flight to Los Angeles.
Her night turns in to an evening of restrained Power Exchange with the anticipation of more hot moments to follow in the future.
Whether in fiction or real life, building anticipation is a great way to connect with the one you love.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Exploring sexual confidence in men

Layover: a woman with desire meets a sexually confident man

A sexually confident man, I believe, can enjoy the presence of a beautiful woman and play along with her flirtatious behavior, and let her go if that is what she desires.
While developing character sketches for my short story, Layover, I explored the sexually confident man with the perspective of a man used to taking the dominant role sexually.
Writing the story made me conclude that a man can enjoy the process of seduction without rushing in to it. He could play along with the woman who may be seducing and dancing around in her intentions. He doesn’t jump at the chance for sex but finds himself moving with her to develop trust.
A lesson for men who wonder how to “seduce” a lover or their wife. In Layover, the “hero” smiles and tells the “heroine” that she probably expected him to be “easy” and she finds that is not the case.
Remember, men, seduction is a process. Be confident that you can entice a lover, whomever that may be, and it may take practice. But don’t see yourself as desperate. Work at replacing the desperation with confidence.
Layover is available from Breathless Press and through

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A difference between porn and erotica?

Is there a difference between porn and erotica?
As a writer of fiction and non-fiction, I’ve come to appreciate how writing an erotic romance should really delve in to the character’s emotions and their reactions to the other characters in the story.
Porn, as I see it, shows a sexual act taking place but it may not go deeper than that. And yet there are the men and women in pornography who could be stronger as performers if the full range of their emotions were allowed to be shown and displayed.
Oh, sorry if this doesn’t make sense. There should be “intensity” and “connection” between characters. This should happen in an erotic story – short story, novella, or novel- and it often does not happen.
I believe it could happen more frequently than it does in what is considered pornography: a display of emotion and vulnerability, a dance between characters and desire that’s real.
That’s what captures readers and viewers – capturing our real responses to the situations in which we find ourselves. When this occurs, I think the line between erotica and pornography blends and crosses. Think Erica Lust or Zalman King.
My first short story, Layover, is being released by Breathless Press March 11. I had an excellent editor on the project.
My next story, Riding Shotgun, is in editing with Breathless and I’ll keep you posted on the release.
Both stories are quite different. Both stories have elements of BDSM and D/s and while the situations are different, there’s a certain quality in Riding Shotgun that sets it apart from Layover.
I’m working on an erotic romance novel and novella and will continue to create characters with the real emotions and real questions. Maybe the labels really don’t matter. What’s more important is if the readers appreciate and grasp the characters.