Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Exploring sexual confidence in men

Layover: a woman with desire meets a sexually confident man

A sexually confident man, I believe, can enjoy the presence of a beautiful woman and play along with her flirtatious behavior, and let her go if that is what she desires.
While developing character sketches for my short story, Layover, I explored the sexually confident man with the perspective of a man used to taking the dominant role sexually.
Writing the story made me conclude that a man can enjoy the process of seduction without rushing in to it. He could play along with the woman who may be seducing and dancing around in her intentions. He doesn’t jump at the chance for sex but finds himself moving with her to develop trust.
A lesson for men who wonder how to “seduce” a lover or their wife. In Layover, the “hero” smiles and tells the “heroine” that she probably expected him to be “easy” and she finds that is not the case.
Remember, men, seduction is a process. Be confident that you can entice a lover, whomever that may be, and it may take practice. But don’t see yourself as desperate. Work at replacing the desperation with confidence.
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