Thursday, March 24, 2011

Building erotic anticipation

The best sexual experiences begin in the mind and building erotic anticipation heightens the time together – whether it’s brief or whether the time together is a prolonged night of passion.
Building erotic anticipation can be simple to do: a lingering kiss or hug early in the week; a romantic note folded and left in a pocket; a favorite flower left on a pillow.
Make a romantic invitation and give it to your lover.
Sometimes erotic anticipation is more spontaneous and the time element is made compact.
It’s a theme I explored in my erotic short story Layover where a woman chooses to seek eroticism instead of spending a night alone after discovering she can’t make a connecting flight to Los Angeles.
Her night turns in to an evening of restrained Power Exchange with the anticipation of more hot moments to follow in the future.
Whether in fiction or real life, building anticipation is a great way to connect with the one you love.

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