Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dressing sexy and erotically

Dressing sexy to elicit erotic reactions from the ones we love does not require much budget. 
That’s the good news. The right clothing does not have to break a budget and it does not even have to be purchased at a place like Victoria’s Secret. Heck, a sexy shirt can be purchased at a thrift store (seriously) and an awesome bra and panty set can be purchased at a discount retail outlet.
Look at the covers of erotic romance stories to get ideas for dressing sexy and erotically. My upcoming release, Riding Shotgun, features a cover with a woman dressed in a white shirt and a teal bra underneath. Not much budget required.
A teal bra and panty may not be easy to find but it’s doable.
Here’s the idea. Dressing sexy and erotically requires a sexy and erotic attitude. Attitude and sexy movements can generate a lot of heat between couples.
Go ahead and go to an upscale store with your lover to explore options. Find out what you both like when it comes to dressing erotically and sexy. That’s a great place to start and that itself can be a hot exercise. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy much or spend much but it will help you both communicate.
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