Friday, April 15, 2011

Relationship is the Heart of Eroticism

Pursuing erotic desires is the quest to have meaningful relationships.
This can be true for women who want their husbands and boyfriends to pay attention to them and appreciate the finer details about them like their eyes, their laugh, and their hair. If the man in their life is not paying attention to these intimate details, then they can experience a level of rejection.

For a man, it could be he wants his wife or girl friend to accept him on his erotic journey and explore sexually and have a venue for sharing sexual fantasies and not be put to shame.
I’m currently writing an erotic romance, a novella, where the heroine of the story goes camping to getaway from a hectic life and find healing in the mountains. She meets a man who takes notice of her little details but then she gets kidnapped into an alternate world where there is plenty of sexual activity but there is no depth of relationship. Ultimately, there is no eroticism.
What if your significant other is not paying attention to you erotically? Feel free to show them this post and then ask them to pay attention to this part of you and to find a way to appreciate and accept your desires. Eroticism should bring us into deeper relationship with the ones we love.

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