Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Writing romance: my first story getting published

Writing romance for me is nothing new. Usually I kept it to myself or in the form of intimate letters to my wife. My first erotic story will be published by Breathless Press. I'll keep you up to date. The situation has to do with the choices a woman makes while stuck at O'Hare International Airport. Talk about a sexy setting! Not really, which made it fun to write!

I'm also finishing my first erotic romance novel. I've been re-writing one of the chapters and a publisher has asked for the first three chapters to review. I'm waiting for their response and hoping they'll request the complete manuscript.

What's great about writing romance, especially erotic romance, is creating a sense of anticipation between the characters and trying to keep the tensions and emotions honest and compelling so the reader wants to turn the pages.

I believe the eroticism lies in the details. Stay tuned!

Kissing - or almost kissing - and erotic joy

Creating anticipation is one of the best ways of sparking erotic joy in a relationship. In a healthy relationship, there's no problem using a kiss - or an almost kiss - as a form of teasing to create the anticipation of a deep sexual experience later.

The thought came to me as I read a post by romance author Debra Kayn. She wrote about "almost kissing" with her husband and then walking away! Fortunately, sounds like they have a good relationship! Here's what Debra has to say about it:

"I love the moment right before a kiss more than the actual act. That sexual tension that builds between two people grabs me. Of course, that made me change the 10 second rule the next day, and I said that we have to get as close to kissing without actually kissing...and then walk away."

Read Debra's 10-second rule on kissing and learn more about her romance writing.

Think of the ways you can create anticipation in the next day or two: a soft brush of the lips, a touch on the bottom, a candle lit even if not trying to seduce your lover. There are many ways to create those moments that can lead to more intense passion later.