Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kissing - or almost kissing - and erotic joy

Creating anticipation is one of the best ways of sparking erotic joy in a relationship. In a healthy relationship, there's no problem using a kiss - or an almost kiss - as a form of teasing to create the anticipation of a deep sexual experience later.

The thought came to me as I read a post by romance author Debra Kayn. She wrote about "almost kissing" with her husband and then walking away! Fortunately, sounds like they have a good relationship! Here's what Debra has to say about it:

"I love the moment right before a kiss more than the actual act. That sexual tension that builds between two people grabs me. Of course, that made me change the 10 second rule the next day, and I said that we have to get as close to kissing without actually kissing...and then walk away."

Read Debra's 10-second rule on kissing and learn more about her romance writing.

Think of the ways you can create anticipation in the next day or two: a soft brush of the lips, a touch on the bottom, a candle lit even if not trying to seduce your lover. There are many ways to create those moments that can lead to more intense passion later.

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