Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Romantic places in Los Angeles: the LA Arboretum

A romantic place in Los Angeles is the LA County Arboretum which is actually in the city of Arcadia.

We took a walk in the Arboretum this afternoon under partly cloudy skies with cool breezes – the kind of temperature and environment which I find particularly conducive to romance and romantic thought.
The Arboretum has open expanses with nicely framed views of the San Gabriel Mountains in the background. There are plenty of paths through wooded spots where lovers of any age can wander through trees and have a feeling of seclusion.
There is a large pond with trails around it that have thick trees and bamboo shooting high. But today, we found something a bit different. In the Korean garden, there is a waterfall with steps leading up to a knoll and on top there is a large flat area with beautiful views of the mountains and the gardens below.
We climbed the several dozen steps and strolled down the winding road bringing us around the back side of the hill and to the grounds below.
There are plenty of nice places to hug, kiss, and simply be quiet. During the weekdays, it’s a wonderful time to catch an hour or two since visitors are fewer and the Arboretum is large enough to allow private conversations.
For those who live in the area, having an annual pass to the LA Arboretum is definitely worth the price. The grounds are a romantic inspiration.

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