Tuesday, February 16, 2010

7 Tips for Romancing Your Spouse

Developing intimacy with your spouse requires a commitment to romancing your spouse as well.

Romance, intimacy and sexual erotic joy are a mystery in some ways but they can, and should, be incorporated into our daily lives. After all, why compartmentalize ourselves? Instead, live as a whole person. 

Here are tips to romance your spouse, partner, every day:

1) Touch. Find ways to touch lightly, frequently. Let fingers touch against a hip, an arm, or a hand.

2) Stop for a six-second hug. Don't be afraid if one spouse is upset, disappointed or feels like nothing good is happening in life. That's even more reason to give a hug.

3) Read a poem out loud in bed on a weeknight.

4) Buy a flower, one flower, and give it with a note saying "thanks for your love. I was thinking about you."

5) Place a heart in a lunch bag, briefcase or on the dashboard of the car.

6) Offer to do a chore around the house the other one normally does 

Romancing your spouse and your partner is important even in times of career downturns, financial stress, or family upheavel. 

Create the moments for erotic joy and romance -- don't wait for them to somehow magically occur. That's the test of a strong relationship and helps fantasy mesh a bit more closely with reality.

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