Monday, February 22, 2010

5 ways to start an erotic talk

Erotic joy – including having an erotic talk about your fantasies and desires – includes laying an emotionally beautiful foundation with the one who shares your body.
Here are 5 things you can tell that special someone today:
Lovely eyes – notice how lovely his or her eyes are. Tell them how you enjoy when they look longingly at you.
Lips – tell them how much you enjoy their lips brushing against your lips and how you enjoy the warmth of their kisses
Thoughts – tell them how special it makes you feel when you can share your most intimate thoughts and desires without the fear of being judged.
Positive comparisons – write a brief note to compare their traits to something positive and romantic like a rose. “You make me feel vibrant like a blooming rose and your embrace nourishes me.”
Touch – tell them how much you appreciate their simple, everyday touches.
Intimacy builds in the details – the moments -- that are shared. As they’re communicated, a foundation can be laid for sharing more fantasies and desires.
During the middle of busy moments, find the time to whisper one of these comments to your spouse, partner, lover. While drastic changes won’t occur immediately, make it a practice and over time inhibitions may lower and overall intimacy can improve.

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Tracy Morrow, Editor said...

Wonderful article! Many people aren't sure how to start talking erotically and this should give them some good ideas.