Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sensual Touch - Short Story - Flash Fiction Erotica

     Elise grabbed a glass of water, tossed it down, and the to-do list was swirling and dominating her thoughts. Hurry. Everywhere. All the time. She gripped the kitchen counter and the yellow skin of a banana shone in the early afternoon sun. She took and placed the warmth of the peel against her cheek and flicked her tongue against it.

     The stem was strong but she bent it back and placed the meat of the banana against her lips, simply holding it in one place and choosing to not rush.

     Giggling, she touched the fruit to her neck and ran it along her throat. Why not? She unbuttoned her blouse, undid her bra and touched the banana to her breasts, caressing them and pressing the tip against her nipples.

     A surge of arousal built inside her thighs and she then took a bite, savoring the taste and texture moving on her tongue and sliding down her throat. Suddenly, the to-do list released her grip and she relaxed and smiled with an idea she could share with her husband.

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