Friday, August 2, 2013

Erotic Stories and Romance Novels Ignite Erotic Joy

Reading romance or erotic romance can heighten the erotic experience for couples.
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Enjoying a story together and chatting about the characters and plot can be more rewarding than watching erotic movies since reading engages more of the imagination at a deeper level.
If reading together is awkward then choose books separately and talk about them as you cuddle.
During August, get spicy titles at 40% off the retail price from Breathless Press as the publisher celebrates its 4th anniversary.
A wide variety of stories are available from my erotic romance novel Boarding to male-male and historical romance.
Boarding is only $ 3.59 during August.The story follows the career and erotic adventures of Jessie Carter, fashion designer.
Breathless Press rewards readers throughout the year by offering a point system applied t the purchase of books.
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