Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Creating Erotic Joy with Homemade Lingerie

Make your own lingerie for erotic joy and fun on a budget. Men's dress shirts bought from a second hand store or even T-shirts can be decorated with lace and ribbons to create a feminine appeal to stir desire.
You may not want all of your lingerie to be homemade but a few pieces can complete an ensemble quite nicely.
This excerpt from my novel Boarding may stimulate ideas. In this scene, Jessie Carter is in a hotel room visiting New York and does a webcam session with her boyfriend. She decides to "dress up" into lingerie she made.
Yes, she's a fashion designer but you can follow her lead:
In a drawer was original lingerie she designed using a man’s
white tank top, cut to expose her abs, and a silk tie with red and
black stripes sewn strategically in the middle to enhance her

Red ribbons were sewn in two rows, one under each
area where her breasts would touch and she sewed a line of red
silk at the hem to give the appearance of a border and contrast to
her peach-tone flesh.

It was a gift and a surprise for Raymond for
the next time she was with him, but Jessie was too excited to wait.

“Okay, ready.” She wiggled to get as comfy as possible.

“Me, too.”

The web cam had come in handy at least twice before in LA
when he had worked late, once when she coordinated wardrobe
on a film set, and another time when she had worked until closing
in her part-time clerk position at Nordstrom’s.

They were too tired to see each other but the technology bridged the inconvenience.

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