Monday, August 12, 2013

Creating Eroticism with Fashion

Lingerie certainly sets an erotic mood but consider using other fashions to build erotic joy and anticipation.
Vince Camuto Collection at Macy's: photo by DD Symms
Imagine a wife or girlfriend wearing this silky blue top and letting it drape from the shoulders and when your lover walks in the front door or comes in from the yard he sees this and perhaps only a pair of panties or a thong underneath.
Women can search closets for sensual tops hanging on the racks to wear.
Another idea is wearing this with jeans underneath and when he's eating to slowly undress from the jeans and reveal a shapely ass.
Fashion of all types can be sexy and erotic. The clothes are not always the limit as much as the attitude. Wear an outfit that gives you confidence.
Men, if your wife or girlfriend wears something sexy for you be sure to compliment her profusely and provide a secure environment so she'll feel beautiful and comfortable to do it again.
I thought this excerpt from my novel Boarding fit in to this post:

Women in heels wore a range of fashion from evening gowns to jeans that accentuated round hips and shapely asses. A lady with light brown hair and golden highlights took a seat in a chair similar to the one where Jessie sat. She had pleasant eyes and a quiet demeanor. Her blouse wrapped elegantly around what seemed to be smaller breasts.

A man who had dark hair with hints of gray at the temples approached her and offered his hand. She accepted it and stood. He kissed her on the cheek and the couple walked away arm in arm, bathed in simplicity and charm like an image in a vintage fashion magazine.

DD Symms is the author of Boarding and other sexy stories.

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