Monday, January 4, 2010

Sexual health series in Los Angeles for women

A four-week "Sexual Health Series for Women" is taking place starting Wednesday evenings January 6.

The series is led by Rachel Scheer, Certified Love and Sexuality Coach who can be reached at

The series will begin Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
, 400 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 316, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. The topics to be covered are:

January 6: Low Sexual Desire

Do you feel like you are never in the mood for sex? Learn how to work through this common dilemma.

January 13: Orgasms

Are you unable to reach orgasm either by yourself or with a partner? We will discuss the causes and ways to resolve this issue.

January 20: Dating and Body Image Issues

Are you having a tough time finding the love you deserve? Are you self-conscious about your body? Find out how to conquer your dating fears.

January 27: Sexual Inhibitions and Trauma

Do you feel guilty about having sex? Have you ever had a bad sexual experience? We will spend this evening helping you remove your negative thoughts.

For women ages 18 and up

$20 per week (cash only)


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