Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spark romance in marriage with a romance novel

Spark romance in a marriage with a romance novel with a character that is identifiable.

I bought my wife a romance novel by author Debbie Macomber, "Morning Comes Softly." I bought it at a used bookstore and glanced at it, thinking she would enjoy it. She did. She read it non-stop and finished the more than 300-page novel in about a week.

The two main characters are a rancher from Montana who places an ad in a newspaper for a wife and a librarian from Louisiana answers the. The novel picks up on their uneasiness, and then the two characters realize that after they become husband and wife they have to go to bed with each other!

Macomber deals wonderfully with the awkwardness between the sexually experienced rancher and the inexperienced librarian and gives the woman a feisty yet quite likeable demeanor.

It was a novel that helped us discuss a bit more about our own expectations for romance and sexuality in our own marriage.

"Morning Comes Softly" is available through Amazon or many romance book sites.

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