Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dating tips for career-minded singles

I'm providing these dating tips for busy people since it's difficult to find love in this career-minded world.

Some people don't know how to approach an attractive person, while others fear what people will think of their bodies when the clothes come off.

This Wednesday, January 20, I'll talk about the popular topic of dating and discuss how people can get more dates and eventually be in a committed relationship. Along with this, I'll also explain how self-consciousness about your body can have a negative effect on your love life. Here are some tips for the week:

1. Try out new activities, and sign up for classes and events that
interest YOU. You're bound to meet other singles, and then you can improve your new skills together.

2. If the thing you hate most about your body can be fixed, then fix it! There are so many doctors and stylists and coaches that can help you, so don't be afraid to make a change for the better.

3. Try dating people that aren't your exact type. Your perfect match may be someone who doesn't have any of the qualities on your top ten list.

photo courtesy of Penny Matthews


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