Monday, January 4, 2010

Erotic tip: touch

Touch is a way to stimulate eroticism in everyday situations. Here are 3 simple tips to make touch a part of your everyday life and increase the erotic joy in your relationship.

Step 1

Simply walk to where your partner is -- the kitchen, garage, front yard -- and touch him or her on the shoulder or move your finger along the hand.

Step 2

For relationships where passion has dulled, or one partner does not seem to be aware of the other, don't rush too many little touches in to a single day. Plan on one deliberate touch once a day or once every other day to start.

Step 3

Say one caring word about your partner as you make the touch. Say your husband is filling up the water container that's kept in the refrigerator. Simply move your finger along his shoulder and say "thanks, sweetheart, for taking time to do that."


One soft touch may not transform a dull moment into heightened eroticism and passionate lovemaking, but a series of light gentle touches sends a signal of caring and awareness.

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