Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Sexy Valentine's Gift Ideas

Here are fun, sexy Valentine's Gift Ideas that are unique and affordable.

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Talk to a Sex Coach!

Why not speak with someone who can keep your fantasies and desires in confidence and offer insight in to your relationship as well? Rachel Scheer, a guest writer on Eros Joy, is available for either in-person or phone consultations at
310-903-2399 or email

She can address a variety of issues or offer fun ideas to spice up a sex life and create greater intimacy. If you do consult her, then tell her you learned about her on Eros Joy.
Rachel's been hosting a sexual health series for women recently.


Drip honey on your honey as part of a quiet, sensual massage. Clean it off by licking and giving a nice, warm sponge bath.

Love Letter

Writing a love letter is one way to express sentiments. For men who have no talent in the area of crafts, then simply write the main things you appreciate about your sweetheart and print the document off on nicely decorated paper with flowers. The paper is available at any office supply store - and often in individual sheets.

Romance Novel Gift Collection

Visit a used bookstore and purchase a few different romance novels that run from tame to wild. Debbie Macomber is a favorite and stores also sell collections of erotica for women and couples. Books may be as little as $ 1.00 to $ 3.99 and in good condition or order online. For more Valentine's Day gift ideas, visit this online article Valentine Gifts: Fun and Affordable.

When celebrating those moments in Valentine's Day, it's not the money but it really is the thought that counts. That's lasting intimacy.

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