Friday, January 28, 2011

Thinking erotically for men and women

Developing erotic thinking is more than just thinking about sexual activity or fantasizing. Erotic thinking is more deliberate. This is where the word "sensual" has importance. Sensuality uses the senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. Use sensual living to enhance erotic thinking.

This is important for husbands who "wish" their wives had more interest in sexual activity. Stop and be willing to take those steps prior to help her discover her sensuality and erotic thinking.

Developing erotic thinking is important for women who want to please their husbands or significant other.

Here is a simple exercise--especially for women: set aside ten quiet minutes. Look in the mirror and enjoy looking at your eyes -- and letting them look back at you. While you're looking in the mirror, close your eyes momentarily and imagine standing in a peaceful location with gentle hands running the length of your body and touching your intimate areas such as your breasts and between your legs.

Imagine the one who is touching has your best interest in mind and will not let any harm come to you. It doesn't matter if there is a clear picture in your mind or not of the person touching you. As long as the trust exists in your thoughts.

Now open your eyes and imagine the scene again and imagine your husband or lover. Let the thoughts affect your sight and your smile--or a sensual parting of the lips.

Repeat this step two or three times per week.

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