Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Layover from Breathless Press coming mid-March

My short story, Layover, is scheduled for a March 11 release from Breathless Press. I'm happy about that and it was a good experience in writing erotic fiction. I have a novel in the works, two novellas, and two more short stories. That's why posting on the Eros Joy blog here has been tough.

Writing erotic fiction is not just about sex. It really includes getting inside the character's heads and seeing how their actions impact them. The same can be said about eroticism in real life. The more I've thought about it, the more I've thought how intense and satisfying sex is the outgrowth of eroticism and erotic thinking.

And what leads to erotic thinking? Attitude. This is where women who may not consider themselves good looking or physically attractive have a chance to shine. So much eroticism is reflected in the eyes. Seriously. And the thoughts - and the smile. I'll keep working on reflecting that in my writing and for women who want to add a new erotic dimension to their lives, then work on the smile and attitude.

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