Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An erotic idea while gardening

While snow and cold temperatures grip most of the country, here's an erotic idea to consider while looking forward to spring and getting in the garden or flower bed: wear a straw hat, pink gloves, and nothing else--okay, maybe a bikini if you're shy.

I've been thinking how wearing a wide brim straw hat and nothing else could be quite fun and erotic. Or, the ladies, have your husband or lover take a picture of you while posing wearing a straw hat and gardening gloves and maybe holding a trowel.

Make eye contact with the camera and smile confidently or seductively. The eyes can really display eroticism.

I hope this shows that dressing up erotically can be simple and affordable. It doesn't always mean wearing expensive lingerie. Turn the mundane into something spicy for erotic fun in a relationship.

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Goddess Aphrodite said...

Thanks for this idea! I do love being outdoors amongst nature... :)