Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Romancing Your Spouse: Mild to Wild Ideas

I finally decided how to direct my erotic thoughts about my wife. Last week, I wrote an article on romancing your spouse using times together that are tame yet offer chances to talk while also developing a deeper eroticism and connection together through more erotic times.

As I write this post, the thoughts are swirling through my mind on the many erotic ways a husband and wife can stimulate each other.

I also realized why it's important as the whirldwind of serious news swirls all around: the two of you can be a safe haven for each other.

Romancing your spouse prevents you from taking each other for granted. It also lets you be vulnerable with each other in new ways. It's not just hedonistic. Being erotic with your spouse must be done in the face of harsh, cold reality.

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