Sunday, March 23, 2014

Creating Erotic Joy in Long Term Relationships: Use the Kitchen Table

Keeping erotic joy in a long-term relationship like a marriage may mean looking at familiar things in a new way.
This is where BDSM for couples can bring new vigor and zest because it can entail finding a new use for a household item like a kitchen table. It doesn't even have to be BDSM-related if one or the other partner is not comfortable with the term.
Finding sexy uses for what we normally find mundane can also help spouses or long-term lovers look at each other in new ways.
A Normal Kitchen Table
Here's a picture of a kitchen table that measures 4 feet long and 3 feet wide and about 2 ½ feet high.
There's nothing ornate or unusual about it but imagine this:
Placing a pillow on it for the wife, or husband, to lay down her head and tie her ankles to the table legs using rope or silky fabric or even silk ties.
This would cause her to bend and leave her bottom available for the other's pleasure to massage, caress, and deliver some on-target spanks. It would also make it a target for erotic and sensual teasing by touching between the legs.
Who could know a kitchen table could be so sexy?
Add Normal Implements
Use wooden spoons or spatulas to spank the bottom for extra sensations that can arouse.
Place a spread of chocolate-dipped strawberries on the table or other fruit to eat and share before tying.
Now that sounds like another post, how to eat fruit in a sensual and erotic way.
Remember, safety first and make sure whoever bends over the table is comfortable in the position and hands or ankles are not tied too tightly so fingers can move and circulation remains.
The kitchen can be a sexy place to prepare food and the kitchen table can add spice and erotic joy that may otherwise be overlooked.
About the Author
DD Symms is the author of the sexy fashion novel Boarding and the short story Layover

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